I am Beautifully Polynesian 

I love good brows but can't maintain my own. I love adventures, Ed Sheeran and my loving husband. I love being a Tongan with a big family. I'm an aunty to my cute nieces who take after me. I'm a youtubaholic and a chocoholic but I've sworn off until 2019. It's been 3 months and I'm dying a little inside. I love pretty things and get distracted so easily. I love dancing with and without music, anywhere and everywhere. My name is Ofa Makalio and I'm Beautifully Polynesian. 


Beautifully Polynesian is my way of expressing that Polynesian people are beautiful. I was a youth leader at my church and I was looking for pictures for my the youth age group of girls. I was looking for pictures of girls and I found hard to find images of Polynesian woman that were portrayed in a beautiful light. I looked up island girls and found everything but Polynesian woman. I looked up Tongan woman and found archaic Tongan and Polynesian woman. Around this time my sisters started to get insecure about their skin colour as they have darker skin tones then the rest of us their family. People would comment on this and this in turn helped my sisters grow self conscious in their skin. 


We are not all the same shapes and sizes and that's the beauty of it is that we look different. My purpose in calling this Beautifully Polynesian is because I want each islander to see the beauty in their own skins and know that they are beautiful in their own way and that they don't have to conform to the standards the world sets to be beautiful. I want people to know that island people are not only beautiful on the inside but also on the outside. 




36 Torrington Cres, Glen Innes Auckland